Week 3

Jan 20 2024:


The climb assembly added in a mount for the drum to real in the cable. One of the challenges to the assembly was the routing of the cables attach from the drum to the upper frame. By the end of the work session the assembly could be driven with a drill motor to mimic how it will function. 


Our intake parts came back from the manufacturing team. They did a good job lining up holes and making parts to a good quality standard. Good lessons were also learned from our CAD & assembly team. The CAD team broke the assembly down so multiple team members could contribute and share files to the 3D Experience. Some students found commercial parts while others designed side plates to be lasered out. It was a great team effort to form this iteration of the intake in a quick turn around time.

Our next steps will be to come up with a way to ensure the intake can be as wide as possible and center itself as it progresses through its path to the launching mechanism. 

Jan 22 2024:

Our launcher team used Solidworks sketches to approximate the height, distance, and angle for our ideal launch point.

Our team started cranking out buttons for our regional marketing efforts. Students were trained to pay attention to the orientation of the logo with the backing of the button. 

Jan 23 2024:


The manufacturing team worked on refining their skills on the Mill. They made some simple parts for our alpha base.  While minor mistakes were made in the learning process, our students were able to boost their confidence over the course of the work session. 

Our code team encountered some difficulties with the new REV motors. We had a motor controller short, and burn up. After going to online forums we heard REV was aware of the problem and was working on sending out replacement parts. 

In the meantime our code team was able to get our alpha base driving on the field. The code was written as robot centric initially. The team was able to change it to field centric for improved controls. 

The launching mechanism refined the intake conveyor that assists in the game pieces initial velocity. The design was intend

Jan 24 2024:

2024 CRESCENDO FRC CAD & Manufacturing Master Tracking Sheet

Our senior leadership team worked on reorganizing our CAD structure. The design was broken down into 5 major sub assemblies. Student leaders were responsible for facilitating as well as working on their respective sub assemblies. The work was outlined in a shared spreadsheet. 

Each tab of the sheet allows each leader to plan out the next tasks for their team to accomplish. While a 6th student leader looks over the full robot assembly and coordinates with each subassembly leader about details or modifications that will need updating before the model can be finalized. 

Other support team members reviewed our drawing standards for detail drawings. They emphasized the importance of baseline dimensioning, hole callouts, and properly filling out the title block.

Jan 25 2024:

Code Team

Launcher sensor integration. 

Photoelectric sensor from Allen Bradley.

The sensor is easy to use with reliable values

The commands to integrate the sensor are the current challenge the team is working through.