Why are you called The ROCK?

ROCK is an acronym that stands for The Robotics Organization of Cardinals and Knights.  The name combines the mascots for Colerain Cardinals & Northwest Knights. It symbolic of the students that make up the program. We also liked the wide range of interpretation that ROCK could take on from a marketing perspective. 

Why the Hawaiian Shirts?

Its a culture thing!  Campbell would wear a Hawaiian shirt every Friday to school to serve as a reminder to have fun with what we do. The Hawaiian Shirt has a collar so it feels like part business but mostly fun, . . .  and Mr. Campbell just loves Hawaii. 

We like to think its how we got the Hawaiian based teams FRC team 368 Kika Mona & FRC team 359 The Hawaiian Kids to pick us at the World Champs in 2015....maybe not.

Why do I see "144" everywhere? 

Why does your logo change every year?

Each year we change a part of our logo. This is an opportunity for our team to symbolically show a change in our organization as our previous years senior officers graduate, making room for our next years class officers. It allows the leadership a chance to start influencing our teams brand and is a statement to all those we interact with to take notice of the leadership change. While our team may have struggled or been successful in the prior year, this year's class has to earn their brands identity for better or for worse.  

We typically update the "O" to represent the change of our organization. We like to make the "O" symbolic to this years game, and we will keep the R with 144 down the side consistent year to year.