Week 6

Feb 12 2024:


The ultimatum from Friday has inspired our team to work with a new found sense of urgency. The manufacturing team has output lots of brackets needed to assemble parts. The intake mechanism has been assembled quickly and mounted to the base. Notes of improvements for the next iteration have been taken such as hardware length, plate spacing, and adjustments to mounting holes to optimize performance. As we make adjustments to the CAD model we will work faster to get the revised drawings to manufacturing team so we can get the parts cut. 


The climb assembly has also made great headway. The parts were assembled to an alternative base we could test the subsystem in parallel with the rest of the machine. Meaning we wanted to allow for the code team to troubleshoot and work with code for the intake and launching mechanism while the climb team uses a seperate base to troubleshoot the mechanical features of the climb.

Feb 13 2024:

Swerve Module Prep for Beta 2

Climb Arm Deployment

Climb System Fatigue

Feb 14 2024:

Climb Upgraded Physical Stop

Amp Scoring Drive Practice

Feb 15 2024:

Climb Test, Half Power

Feb 16 2024:

Climb Test with Mechanical Finger to Open Door

Electrical System & Programming Troubleshooting